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Individual Life/Savings

At Oak Insurance Brokers, our 'Individual Life/Savings' service is all about securing your financial future. We offer a variety of individual life insurance plans and savings options tailored to your unique needs. Whether you're looking for income protection, estate planning, or a way to build your savings, we've got you covered.

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Special Benefits of our Individual Life/Savings Insurance

OAK Insurance Brokers Limited is a wholly owned Ghanaian Company and licensed by the National Insurance Commission (NIC) in compliance with the insurance law 2006, Act 724. OAK Insurance Brokers Limited has over the years established a reputation of delivering tailor made insurance and retirement planning solutions that meet the need of it clients (individuals and corporate institutions), ensuring prompt payment of their client’s genuine claims, and excellent customer service which we jealously guard with a committed, motivated and competent management and staff.