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OAK Insurance Brokers Limited is a proudly Ghanaian-owned company, duly licensed by the National Insurance Commission (NIC) in full compliance with the Insurance Law of 2006, Act 724. Committed to becoming a trailblazer in quality and competitively priced insurance services within the nation, our esteemed clientele includes both individuals and corporate institutions. With an unwavering dedication to tailored insurance broking solutions, we have built a reputation for ensuring the timely settlement of genuine claims and delivering exceptional customer service. Our distinguished management and staff, driven by commitment, motivation, and competence, form the backbone of our service excellence.
Our mission is to preserve wealth of our clients with a vision to be a leader in insurance and retirements planning solutions advisor in Ghana.
At OAK Insurance Brokers, we believe success is found at the intersection of experience and innovation, collaboration and courage. Now more than ever, this is a time for forward thinking. Collaborating with our partners by moving early to uncover and explore alternatives. Staying agile to grab opportunities and capitalizing on our experience and track record to help ensure the success of our partners, and the outcomes of those they serve.

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We Help you to Build for Better Future

Because we offer a range of quality services and benefits to our clients. We aim to provide them with the best insurance solutions tailored to their needs. Here are some typical offerings:

We analyze our client’s specific situation to identify risks and recommend appropriate insurance coverage.

We provide access to various insurance products from multiple insurers, enabling our clients to choose the best fit for their needs.

OAK Insurance Brokers offers professional advice on different types of insurance policies, coverage limits, and exclusions based on our expertise in the field.

By comparing different quotations, we help our clients find the most cost-effective insurance options.

We tailor insurance policies to specifically match our client’s personal or business needs.

At OAK one of our topmost strengths is claims handling. We assist clients in the event of a claim, guide them through the process and advocate on their behalf to ensure fair and swift settlement.

We periodically review policies to ensure coverage remains adequate as clients’ circumstances change.

We soak the burden of handling all paperwork’s and administrative tasks related to insurance policies, saving our clients time and hassle and allow them to focus on their core businesses

With our expertise in risk assessment, we provide guidance on risk management strategies to minimize potential losses in their businesses.

At OAK Insurance Brokers we place much premium on maintaining confidentiality, by ensuring clients’ personal and financial information is securely handled.

We update our clients on legal and regulatory changes in the insurance industry that might affect their coverage.

During negotiations, we acts as an advocate for our client, not the insurance company.

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OAK Insurance Brokers Limited is a wholly owned Ghanaian Company and licensed by the National Insurance Commission (NIC) in compliance with the insurance law 2006, Act 724. OAK Insurance Brokers Limited has over the years established a reputation of delivering tailor made insurance and retirement planning solutions that meet the need of it clients (individuals and corporate institutions), ensuring prompt payment of their client’s genuine claims, and excellent customer service which we jealously guard with a committed, motivated and competent management and staff.